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I'm Curly Joe!

grey - 3 wks.jpg

I was Born August 12th, 2023 

I am currently 3 weeks old! 

They call me Curly because I came out with wavy hair and they think I'll be the curliest out of all my siblings.

I'm a friendly guy and love to growl and pounce on my siblings.

I am pretty good at going potty on the potty pads and pooping on the grass.

I -LOVE- food, and dance when I drink milk. My tail wags constantly when I'm eating. 

I'm the biggest of my siblings.

I may like to play but I also really love sleeping and snuggling with the humans here at my house. 

Follow my grandpawrent's instagram pages and watch their stories for daily updates! 

  • Elliraptor
  • Odom Grooming
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