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I'm Manny!

I was Born August 12th, 2023 

I am currently 3 weeks old! 

I'm a handsome fella and have a blaze on my chest. 

I'm talkative in the best ways and love to have conversations with the humans here. So if you like a sassy dog, I'm your guy. I'm friendly, but I like to check you out first. Some would say I'm cautious, but y'know, there's nothing wrong with knowing stranger danger. 

I pee on the potty pads exclusively, my poops however, are, free-range. But I'm still learning. 

I like eating, a lot, as I get older I'd learn really well with some treatos as a reward, my mom says treatos are awesome, so I'm excited for those!

 I love to play and love to snuggle once I'm done playing. "Pick me up" is my favorite, because it means I get to rest on a human's shoulder. 

Follow my grandpawrent's instagram pages and watch their stories for daily updates! 

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