Parke Odom : Lead Groomer/Owner
Known as "The Doodle Guy™," Parke has been grooming dogs since the age of Eighteen. Growing up around dogs he developed a passion for animals and wanted to pursue a career working with them daily. Parke started as a bather in 2010 and worked his way up to being an established, well-rounded groomer. Since then, he has built his reputation in the local community with his clean cuts and capable hands. After honing his craft and developing a following, he decided to stop working for the local businesses and start living for his passion. Parke has placed in the Top 25 for the entire United States in several grooming contests and is extremely well-known for his consistency.



Ellison (Elsa) Odom :

Owner /Shop Manager/ Lead Groomer :

Ellison has been a dog lover since she was a child. With an extensive background in Corporate Accounting and Management for Volvo Cars USA, she brings everything together to run as smoothly as possible. In 2015, when Mister Parke decided he wanted to split off and become a business owner she left the corporate world and began bathing for him; eventually she learned how to groom, making this husband and wife team a double-threat to the competition! 

With knowledge of dog behaviors and training she found that her true passion was helping dogs understand that grooming doesn't have to be scary, but fun and filled with love and kisses! She currently has limited groom space on her schedule but definitely makes time for her clients!

 Ellison runs the shop as Manager/Receptionist and helps everyone as much as she can in between the phone calls. 

Please be patient in getting return calls/texts as she does wear a lot of different hats; she'll get to ya, we promise! 


Madison Lancaster : Lead Bather :

Maddie is one of our newest employees and is wonderful with every dog she comes into contact with. She treats every one with kindness and loves what she does. Recently, she has shown interest in grooming full-time, so we are starting her on her journey! We take pride in providing our bathers with a way to move forward and love that Maddie is interested in grooming as we think she'd be PERFECT for the job!





Trevhor Hardy : Groomer :

Trevhor, is our newest addition to OG, with a background in pet-sitting and dog-walking he knows how to speak with the dogs just as well as we do! He has a knack for this dog stuff and we are so excited to have him in our grooming 'Class' program. He looks forward to learning how to groom and we look forward to helping him get there! He currently is able to do simple shave downs and small dogs, we're working on getting him onto doodles!